Home Owner FAQs

Are you already a Florida Gold homeowner or maybe you are considering listing your home with Florida Gold Vacation Rentals and Property Management? We have compiled a few of our frequently asked questions to help you get started. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have!

We continually work to improve our websites and SEO and have hired a large industry-specific marketing team to continually work on this with us.

We are also directly linked and marketed on many big-name booking sites / OTAs, this list will continually evolve as we look to put your homes in the best position possible to succeed and tap specific markets.

This is on a case by case basis at this time. This may change in the future as demand and markets change. Owners under managment with us who currently book their own homes are still being supported.

Florida Gold currently supports three types of homeowners:
1. Owners who want a completely hands-off approach where we place all bookings. Recommended!
2. Owners who want to book and ask us to also book.
3. Owners who do all their own bookings

Currently, we do not charge a commission for bookings that owners place. We do charge the owner the clean fee for each owner placed booking.

When we place the booking the owner is not charged the clean fee, only the prearranged commission.

If you as the owner place the guest, you are expected to handle all of the guest communications. This is work and will and will take up some of your time.

If you chose us to place bookings, we are set up to handle this and can give a full circle guest experience as we are controlling 100 % of the process. Should an issue arise while the guest is in the home the guest and the owner have access to reach out to us directly to rectify.


We will provide the owner with an iCal link. This will pass our calendar data into the homeowner's marketing channels. If an owner accepts a booking, they will need to still log in to their portal and manually add for our calendar to block. If unfamiliar with this we can walk you through it.

In most cases, Florida Gold will charge the guest a proportional Accidental Damage Waiver (non-refundable Fee). This Damage waiver or ADW will cover the guest in up to $500 of accidental damages. If a guest should intentionally damage the home, we will work on getting the guest to pay for the damages. Owner will not be charged for guest damage for a guest they did not place. This is not to be confused with normal wear and tear.

Yes, pool heat will be charged at $30 a day plus tax and the owner will be paid out proportional amount as per commission agreement, this amount may be discounted for longer stays.

Owner statements are published once a month in our system. We use a Trust statement format that will clearly show your current balance and any income and expenses for the prior month. As an owner, you will have access to an owner’s portal where you can log in and see any published statement as well as your live calendar. We also have a way for owners to pay any balance due online.

Our management fee ranges from neighborhood and size of the home. For example: if pool care is needed, if Lawn care is needed, etc. We charge a monthly management fee and a commission on bookings we place.

Our fees are inclusive of service that many management companies charge separately for trying to lure a homeowner in under a lower teaser rate. When shopping for the right management company please ask them to break down and explain the management fee as well as other routine possible charges.

Florida Gold Vacation Rentals and Property Management, here the help and serve you to the best of our ability. Put us to work for you today!