Orlando Property Management Services

Whether you choose to purchase a home in Florida strictly as an investment, a second home, or to use as both, we are here to help you meet your investment goals and to give you peace of mind. We at Florida Gold Property Management treat every home with the utmost respect and professionalism. Your home will be properly maintained and your guests looked after by a dedicated team of management experts. We are here for you, your home and your guests!

Directory of Services

Owners Log In: We give every owner their own unique Owners Log In to our system. This is a valuable service which enables owners to view in real time the availability of their property, making it easier to do homeowner bookings. The service also allows the owner to view, print or download all closed statement periods.

Professional Property Management: Florida Gold Property Management works hard to bring peace of mind to all of our homeowners. Our team caters to the day-to-day needs of your home and provides friendly and attentive customer service.

Reservation Services: We book the homes ourselves and also have a network of home booking agents, local and national tour operators and travel agents. Homeowners also have the ability to place bookings in their homes using the Owners Log In.

Pest Control: Our pest control service will be implemented immediately upon the signing of the management agreement with Florida Gold Property Management. The service includes interior and exterior treatment of the home. Continued pest control is carried out throughout the year. A free service call plan is included should any problems arise outside the normal service periods.

Pool Service: All swimming pools are serviced each week and includes vacuuming, brushing, washing out the filter, checking and adjusting the chemical levels. Pool filtration is also checked each week. Our pool team can also provide any necessary repairs or upgrade to systems.

Lawn Maintenance: All lawns are serviced each week including mowing, edging, trimming of hedges and blowing off any debris. Additional services such as mulching and planting and tree trimming can be provided upon request.

Housekeeping: We are proud of maintaining the highest standards for our housekeeping staff. We use a professional cleaning company and in-house cleaning staff who clean the homes thoroughly after each guest departure and also report on any additional items that might need attention. Our housekeeping staff provides starter products such as; toilet paper, soaps, and detergent. We are able to address issues quickly and stay on top of last minute bookings/turnovers so as to have to turn down a booking.

Licensing: Florida State law requires owners of property for a short-term vacation rental to be licensed as a public lodging establishment and additional county licenses are often required as well. We can handle the inspection schedules and paperwork to obtain these licenses and permits for our clients.

Taxes: Each income producing property must pay both sales and tourist development taxes on the gross rental amount received. We will collect and pay these taxes monthly on all of our bookings and offer tax filing services for our clients.

Bill Pay: We can pay utility bills on owners behalf as well as HOA and any other bill they may have related to the home. This is valuable when issues or questions arise with bills enabling us to work out the issue for the owner.

24/7 Support: How can you properly manage a vacation rental home without 24/7 support? We are here for you, your home and your guests should an emergency arise after hours. We have an after-hours phone number in addition to an after-hours email (for times of severe weather when our server may be down).

Storm Prep: We have the capability to secure your home before severe weather strikes the area, such as the occasional hurricane. We keep an eye on the weather and prep homes by stowing all patio furniture and outdoor items. After weather passes all homes are inspected for damage and addressed accordingly. We replace all furniture and work quickly to assure the home is rent-ready as soon as possible or repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Communication leading up to a severe storm and after the storm is paramount at putting the homeowner at ease. We communicate clearly to keep all homeowners up to date on what is going on.

Custom Services: As homeowners tend to have unique sets of expectations and desires when searching for the right Property Management company, we are always willing to entertain and discuss custom services to better serve the homeowner.

Waterfront Coastal Properties: Not in the Orlando area? We have a support network in other areas of Florida and may be able to manage your home there. We specialize in waterfront and waterfront ocean access homes.

We can do boat draft and ocean access pre-purchase assessments (including draft, bridge clearance, distance to inlets, speed zones, etc.) for homeowners looking to purchase a home for a certain size boat/capability or waterfront lifestyle. We are experienced in the challenges facing waterfront properties and know how to handle them.

For more information call or email us today for a custom price quote on the level of service you desire for your home. Every home and community is different; once we understand what you need we can better serve you.