Orlando Area Weather

It's always a good time to visit Orlando Florida! With comfortable low and high temperatures throughout the year, summer is typically rainy and gives way to hurricane season in fall however the dry season, November - April is delightful! Start planning your trip to Central FL today and be sure to pack accordingly.

Seasonal Temperatures
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average High 71 73 77 82 88 91 92 92 89 84 78 72
Average Low 50 53 57 62 68 73 76 76 74 68 60 54

Best Time to Visit Orlando Florida

The best time to visit Orlando Florida is really all the time! Depending on what you are looking to do, see and explore, winter or summer might be the right time for you. Though the weather can be quiet different throughout the year it's always a good time to visit Orlando!

  • Spring

    As the weather warms, rainfall starts to increase in springtime just in time for spring break and lots of tourists! Though warmer having a few long sleeve items and rain gear is advised.

  • Summer

    With temperatures in the 90s summer hits Orlando hard! A humid time of year, the weather can be unpredictable with afternoon storm showers. In addition to sunscreen be sure you still have your rain gear just in case a storm rolls in!

  • Fall

    Though a hurricane hasn't hit the city of Orlando directly in many decades tropical storms and the after effects of Atlantic storm season does come inland. June through November be wary, its Hurricane Season. Check out resources below to help stay safe!

  • Winter

    Typically the most pleasant time of the year in terms of temperature, December -February can still be humid however rainfall is low. It's a good idea to pack a lightweight jacket however you should be olay in long pants and shirts.

Orlando Weather Resources